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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Laser Tattoo Removal hurt?


Many clinics respond to this question with: it can cause brief discomfort.

We prefer to be honest and tell it exactly how it is. Yes, it hurts! Everyone we treat is different and certain areas on the body are more sensitive than others, most people describe it as a hot rubber band flicking your skin.

As we have been through the process ourselves we are dedicated to providing the best possible pain management and that is why we use a Cryotherapy chiller which blows -35 degree cold air onto the treatment area. This cold air minimises pain and thermal injury to your skin.

If you are concerned about discomfort a topical anaesthetic cream which alleviates most of the discomfort associated with the treatment can be applied 1 1/2 hours before your treatment.  We recommend not to use numbing cream for your first session as it is often not as uncomfortable as you think and most people can easily tolerate it. 

How effective is laser tattoo removal?


Laser treatment is very effective on most types of tattoos and most colors. Generally, tattoos can be totally eliminated by laser treatment, resulting in no residual dyes or scarring. Laser tattoo removal is a new science and the latest models of lasers are more effective than earlier models. The methodology is not simple. Different frequencies must be used for different colors of tattoo ink. It is crucial that the laser tattoo removal procedure be performed by an experienced licenced operator who has received specialised training for this procedure.

Can laser tattoo removal cause cancer?


The mechanism of tattoo removal uses non-ionising radiation, which has no detrimental effect on the molecular structure of DNA. Lasers used in tattoo removal have been in use for many years and in this time there has been no recorded case of increased development of cancers in the group treated.

What are the side effects of laser tattoo removal?


After the laser procedure you may experience some redness, swelling and scabbing, itchiness and sometimes blistering. This is a normal process as the body works to eliminate the tattoo dyes. Most people find that within 1 – 2 weeks depending on their tattoo/colour/location they are completely healed to perfect skin as before the treatment.  Elevate the area or swelling. You can take antihistamine for the itchiness.

What about aftercare for laser tattoo removal?

During consultation we explain in great details your aftercare. We also provide you with detailed after care information to take home and if you have any concerns you can contact us.

The MOST important we can tell you is NO SUN! NO SUN! NO SUN!

How many laser tattoo removal treatments will I need?

All tattoos and all people are different but it generally takes between 8 – 12 laser treatments to completely remove a tattoo. This depends on many factors including the colour of ink used, the client’s immune system, the size and location of the tattoo, how deep the ink is, how much ink, the age of the tattoo and whether it was applied by a professional or an amateur. Homemade tattoos can take between 2-6 treatments to completely remove the ink.  

Can you lighten an existing tattoo?

Some clients want lightening (fading) of all or a portion of their existing tattoo in order to cover or alter it with a new one. In most cases, a minimum of 3-6 treatments is all that’s required to fade an existing tattoo.  This depends on the location and density of your tattoo as well as the new ink style you are wanting. 

Can I get a new tattoo over skin that has been lasered?

Yes! You can certainly tattoo over the old tattoo after laser. Most tattooists will require you to wait a minimum of 10-12 weeks after the laser treatment.

Do I need to be over 18?

At NZ Laser Tattoo Removal, individuals younger than 18 can be treated for tattoo removal with parental consent.

What are your business hours?

Our Lower Hutt clinic is open by appointment only for the following hours:  From 10am to 5:00pm, Tuesday to Friday and 10am to 3pm Saturdays. 

How long does an appointment take?

The consultation is free of charge and takes around 10-15 minutes.  If you have a session at the same time allow 45 minutes in total.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Loose comfortable clothing is recommended with easy access to your tattoo location. 

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

Please telephone and advise us if you find yourself unable to attend an appointment. We do request a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment. Appointments not cancelled at least 24 hours before the appointment time may incur a $50 charge.

What is the cost of a treatment?

Treatments start at $95.00 per session and are based on size & colours. 

What payment options do I have?

NZ Laser Tattoo Removal has a paywave eftpos terminal, AfterPay & LayBuy as payment options. 

What other services do you offer?

NZ Laser Tattoo Removal offers laser tattoo removal, skin tag removal, scar removal, active acne and acne scarring treatments, fibroblasting skin tightening treatments, fractional skin rejuvenation, pigment removal and ultrasonically enhanced teeth whitening & tooth gems.

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