Unlike any other laser, the world’s highest performing and superior laser manufactured by Quanta Systems in Milan, Italy has been developed to treat and remove all tattoo colours using just one device. This represents the real benchmark for the Q-switch laser market.

Delivering powerful, extremely short laser pulses of nanosecond speed guarantees to directly target the ink particles in a short and safe procedure. The unique, square Opti-Beam ensures the laser energy is perfectly distributed over the spot area, delivering the energy consistently. A standard laser has a round laser beam that causes dangerous hot points which can produce bleeding, skin texture changes and hypo-pigmentation. Our superior laser also has a flat top beam profile which passes through the skin evenly. Standard round laser beams usually have a spiked beam profile which has a high risk of burning, hyperpigmentation and scarring.


1 SYSTEM  |  2 LASERS  |  3 WAVELENGTHS   (Nd:YAG 1064nm – 532nm & Ruby 694nm)

This is the ONLY true three wavelength Q-switched system in the world! A true 694nm wavelength is effective in removing green and blue ink.

The Q-Plus Evo C represents a cutting edge Q-Switch laser which generates all of its three laser wave-lengths directly inside the one device. Our machine's effectiveness is unmatched by any other machine on earth, as we can target the entire colour spectrum of tattoos – unlike our competitors using standard lasers.

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